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2022-01-24 01:25:54

Shibnobi (SHINJA) Crypto Soars As Bitcoin Crashes. 6 Things To Know


Pupcoin Shibnobi is seeing strong gains on an otherwise unpleasant day for crypto


On a day that has seen the greater cryptocurrency market lose more than $500 billion in value, there remain some shining stars. One such diamond in the rough is the recently launched Shibnobi (CCC:SHINJA-USD). Indeed, the SHINJA crypto is up more than 20% today on a number of promising announcements from the token. What’s going on with this latest pupcoin? The official Shibnobi Twitter has been buzzing with activity lately, which likely reflects its market movement. This morning, @Shib_nobi tweeted disclosing an Open-Floor Q&A session it recently held with SHINJA owners and fans.

The meme token made a number of important announcements during the Q&A. Among them, a new headquarters in Texas is coming in the future and several listings are coming within the next month. This includes on exchanges like ProBit, LBank, Bitrue, and Safemoon Swap.

So, what else is there to know about the infant crypto?


6 Things to Know About the SHINJA Crypto

1. As per its whitepaper, Shibnobi is a token that generates passive income for owners via instant staking through reflections.

2. Reflections provide SHINJA owners with 3% growth on their staked crpyto.

3. Shibnobi operates on the Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD), Binance (CCC:BNB-USD) and Polygon (CCC:MATIC-USD) networks.

4. Currently, the token is in Phase 1 of its roadmap, which includes posting the website and setting up social media accounts. Furthermore, Phase 4 includes launching Shibnobi Swap and an “intergalactic mission.”

5. As it’s a newer token, the crypto has only been live for tracking on CoinMarketCap since the start of the new year.

6. Finally, SHINJA’s mission statement is “to change the crypto space to make it safe, fair, and more informative for the average investor and vetted projects.”



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